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HP 940 (C4900) printhead disassembly, check and cleaning

Steps to disassemble, check and clean an HP 940 (C4900) printhead.
gold3n rul3 : Awesome thanks dude. Got my black printhead finally working!! I had taken the printheads out before for alcohol rinse, but the black dried up. I took it apart thanks to ur video and did internal alcohol rinse and left the parts a bit wet, thankfully I had bottles of ink from Amazon to refill. That's probably the most important thing about this method, you need ink ready to refill the printhead. But yea, I didn't let them dry out completely to prevent the ink from clogging again and did about 5 alignments/cleanings or more... took awhile but got it working.
Merrill Sloan : There are more things to do for success: 1) Start with a good running warm/hot water flush to dislodge as much dried up ink as possible 2) Try also using "classic" windex which I found does a good job of dissolving ink, but you may have to let it sit overnight or longer,and get one of those two spouted funnels (ebay) which you seat over the two inlet orifices (so the print head needs to be assembled and either filled with ink, if the areas around the jets look good, or partially filled with windex or print head cleaning solution). Then use the outlet sealer which comes with the funnel and provides a silicon outlet tube for mounting a syringe body over the print head jets area in order to apply suction and/or pressure to force the ink or solution back and forth, or just out through the print head area.This solution or ink is what is added to the funnel tubes/ reservoirs. The idea is to use pressure and suction to recover the normal flow and break up the clogs around the jets.Not much flow will take place, just enough to swish the solution in and out a little. 3) Having done that normally you would take the print head apart again, clean it with water if necessary, fill it about 2/3 or so full of ink, and put a cover over the print head orifices until you get it assembled, so the ink will not leak out, which it will do if uncovered. 4) After sealing the print head parts back together, shake the print head somewhat to dislodge air bubbles in the screen at the bottom of the ink well. 5) Then hold the print head upside down, take off the cover you put on over the jet area,  and apply positive air pressure to each of the two silicone sealing orifices, which normally will be on top of the print head when installed, but now need to be at the bottom. They are the clear silicone round orifice seals. The pressure has to be applied from below with a suitable syringe so as to make a good seal on the silicone seal hole so the air bubbles come out the top. Doing this carefully while observing the orifice area you will usually see a quantity of bubbles escape, which is crucial. Try to apply just enough pressure to force out all the bubbles so that then a nice clear flow of ink appears. You don't need to do the pressure too long or too much, just so a nice clear welling up of ink appears. Attached to the top part of the print head and sitting inside the ink wells are things like a butterfly valve which expands when the pressure is applied forcing the air bubbles out. Then clean off everything.
mrhammersutube : Great video's on the 8500a, thank you! I have cleaned the print head, still a problem. If the vacuum pump was bad, would it effect the other print head?
bngnyc : In a nutshell, don't take it apart, try soaking it overnight first. If you are taking it apart, you'll also need to prime it with inks and also sucks the air infiltration with a syringe (you need to buy the kit), which this video failed to mention. Just get a printhead in ebay. it's alot cleaner .
Mohamed Kamal : Thank you for the video. I followed the instructions and cleaned the head. Now what is the next step, should I install it on the printer or should I have to fill it with ink first, if so, how?

How to Fix a Broken HP 88 or 940 Printhead

HP 88 and 940 printheads are notorious for failing due to air getting in. This video will show you how to use a printhead priming tool to eliminate all air from your printhead and get it functional again. Repair your perfectly good printhead instead of spending $60-70 on a new one!
Ronelle Coburn : I LOVE LOVE LOVE InkOwl! I save so much money on ink, just did a printhead repair (my fault getting air into printhead, but easy fix!), and really love NOT buying & throwing all of those cartridges away. And it is so easy to refill the ink tanks (as long as I pay attention to when they are getting low). THANK YOU INKOWL!!!
Karl Keightley : How I love Bach's 6th Brandenburg Concerto :-)
Kim X : I have bought InkOwl's products to make my OfficeJet Pro 8000 printer into a super printer. I added the big tanks and can add ink on the fly. This has worked great. I let the ink get too low one time and bubbles appeared in the lines. I purchased this kit and cleared the lines. This fixed that problem. Yeah! Now today, my printer stopped printing (mid job) and gave an error on both print heads at the same time "MC" & "KY". This means a printhead issue, but I suspect this is an end of life issue since both ceased at exactly the same time. Now doing research on how to override this. I want to add that a friend found this printer on a curb with a "free" sign, and I found out its value. I spent some time learning how it works, thus finding InkOwl. They add value to their products by including great instructions with their products. Now I print my ski club newsletters on it each month and enjoy my "new" printer. Thanks InkOwl for great products and instructions!
Karl Keightley : Oh yes, and your videos are superb,  UK suppliers are not good at this.
I would buy from you if you were UK  :-)
reghuyes : How to buy this tool kit 4 HP 11 Head

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