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Laser Marking - KEYENCE MD-X Series Laser Marker

Learn more about the Keyence MD-X Series Laser Marker at

The MD-X Series was designed to achieve high quality and high speed laser marking regardless of material. This is made possible thanks to the world’s first hybrid oscillator which combines the high output power of a fiber laser marker with the high peak power of a YVO4 laser marker. The built-in multi-function camera helps prevent marking mistakes by automatically adjusting the focal distance, reading 2D codes post-marking, and comparing pre- and post-marking images.

Color Laser Marking with the FiberCube Laser Marking System

Color Laser Marking made easy using our FiberStar series laser marking systems! In this video we demonstrate the process of multi-color annealing titanium using our LaserStar FiberCube Laser Marking System.

Click here to learn more about our FiberStar Series Laser Marking Systems:

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rista0rile0ricky : This look´s so unreal,cool
Winter - Wisely Laser : Really awesome, great!!!
David Cook : i cant wait until the day hobbyist can afford a fiber laser
Voxel Lab : color = texture
Sriram Kumar : how colours are added while engraving? can I use this machine to engrave on my titanium article's?

Different material on fiber laser marking machine MASTER LASER





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