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API650 vs API620 : Storage Tank Design Code Comparison

API650 \u0026 API620 Storage Tank Design \u0026 Code Training Course
We compare the API 650 and API620 including Appendix Q and Appendix R from the following point of view.
-Design Pressure, Design Temperature, Design Method, Allowable Stress,

API 650 Storage Tank Thickness Formula - One Foot Method

API 650 Storage Tank Thickness Formula - One Foot Method Derivation
Anas Badar : Great job...​Simply Well explained
Khalid Ali Abdalla : Thank you for the nice explanation. I would like to understand the design stresses bit though. How do we come to arrive at the design stresses during calculation?
Senthur Mech : Nice job sir, good explanation
Ghulam Rasul : Nicely presented
Ajay Ugale : Sir, section VIII div 1 & 2 ke interview questions and answers pe ekk descriptive video banayiye


Venkat Chalam : So good thanks for the information
wahab soluade : I so much loved and appreciate your channel,but my question is this,isometric drawing of storage tank,what to know about fabrication of tank,difference btw annular and base plate
Jorge Alberto Flores Leyva : What is the Tank size? From the elevation drawing seems to be about 154mtsX27mts, that is a huge tank, with 6 bays (center column and intermediate columns at 5 different radii). Nice work.
satya kishore nanduri : bro how can we estimate tank capacity and how can we construct the tank according to capacity
Сергей Викторов : Молодцы! Классная работа!!!




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